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2019 All League Meets

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Order of Events
Qualifying Times
Warm-Up Schedule
Volunteers Needed

This year the Herndon Swim League will hold its 27th Annual All-League Meets, again at the Four Seasons Recreation Center at 1201 Herndon Parkway.

The swimming competition will feature participants from all nine league swim teams and will be held on Saturday, July 20th at 7:30 AM at the Four Seasons pool.  The rain date is Sunday, July 21st at 7:30 AM if the meets are rained out on the 20th. 

Please read the rules carefully, a few things have changed.  In order to make the number of swimmers in the Championship and the All-Star portions of the meet more equal, please note that the time qualification standards adopted four years ago will be in use again this year.

Order of Events  top

2019 Championship and All-Star Meets

Boys Event Girls
 59 10 and under Individual Medley 60
 61 11-12 Individual Medley 62
63 13-14 Individual Medley 64
65 15-18 Individual Medley 66
37 8 and under Butterfly  38
39 9-10 Butterfly 40
41 11-12 Butterfly 42
43 13-14 Butterfly 44
45 15-18 Butterfly 46
1 6 and under Freestyle 2
3 7-8 Freestyle 4
5 9-10 Freestyle 6
7 11-12 Freestyle 8
13-14 Freestyle 10
11 15-18 Freestyle 12
57 Mixed Age Free Relay (200) 58
27 8 and under Breaststroke 28
29 9-10 Breaststroke 30
31 11-12 Breaststroke 32
33 13-14 Breaststroke 34
35 15-18 Breaststroke 36
13 6 and under Backstroke 14
15 7-8 Backstroke 16
17 9-10 Backstroke 18
19 11-12 Backstroke 20
21 13-14 Backstroke 22
23 15-18 Backstroke 24

Qualifying Times - 2019  top

Event # Event Name 2016 Qualifying Time
1   Boys 6 and under Freestyle    41.25
2   Girls 6 and under Freestyle 36.47
3   Boys 7-8 Freestyle 28.60
4   Girls 7-8 Freestyle 27.52
5   Boys 9-10 Freestyle 51.38
6   Girls 9-10 Freestyle 51.02
7   Boys 11-12 Freestyle 43.76
8 Girls 11-12 Freestyle 42.76
9   Boys 13-14 Freestyle 36.50
10   Girls 13-14 Freestyle 41.65
13   Boys 6 and under Backstroke 46.73
14   Girls 6 and under Backstroke 42.95
15   Boys 7-8 Backstroke   34.20
16   Girls 7-8 Backstroke 33.37
17   Boys 9-10 Backstroke 59.50
18   Girls 9-10 Backstroke 1:01.62
19   Boys 11-12 Backstroke 48.46
20  Girls 11-12 Backstroke 52.11
21   Boys 13-14 Backstroke 44.82
22  Girls 13-14 Backstroke 46.68
27   Boys 8 and under Breaststroke 30.98
28   Girls 8 and under Breaststroke 31.14
29    Boys 9-10 Breaststroke 1:00.70
30   Girls 9-10 Breaststroke   1:01.92
31   Boys 11-12 Breaststroke 58.00
32   Girls 11-12 Breaststroke 56.10
33   Boys 13-14 Breaststroke 45.98
34   Girls 13-14 Breaststroke 48.98
37   Boys 8 and under Butterfly 31.01
38   Girls 8 and under Butterfly 27.94
39   Boys 9-10 butterfly 26.42
40   Girls 9-10 Butterfly 24.16
41  Boys 11-12 Butterfly 47.08
42  Girls 11-12 Butterfly 44.59
43  Boys 13-14 Butterfly   39.97
44  Girls 13-14 Butterfly 39.29
59   Boys 10 and under IM 1:53.29
60   Girls 10 and under IM 1:55.48
61   Boys 11-12 IM 1:38.94
62   Girls 11-12 IM 1:36.16
63   Boys 13-14 IM 1:30.85
64   Girls 13-14 IM 1:32.24

Warm-Up Schedule  top

2019 Championship and All-Star Meets

Initial Warm-up Times   

Lane 1 2 3 4 5 6
7:25 - 7:35 AM HC HC KS KS FF FF
7:35 - 7:45 AM FS FS KC KC BF BF
7:45 - 7:55 AM R R FC FC HCC HCC

Warm-ups During Break  

Lane 1 2 3 4 5 6
First 8 Minutes    HC HC KS KS FF FF
Second 8 minutes FS FS KC KC BF BF
Last 8 minutes R R FC FC HCC HCC

2019 Rules  top

1. This year the Herndon Swim League will hold its 27th Annual All-League Meets, again at the Four Seasons Recreation Center. The swimming competition will feature participants from all 9 league swim teams and will be held on Saturday, July 20th at 7:30 AM at the Four Seasons pool. The rain date is Sunday, July 21st at 7:30 AM. This is the twenty-fourth year the meet is using the expanded two-tiered format in order to allow all swimmers to participate. All swimmers who do meet at least one pre-established cut-off time and all senior swimmers (15-18) will swim in the Championship portion of the meet for those events for which they qualify. Those swimmers who do not meet cut-off times during this season will swim in the All-Star portion of the meet for their event(s). The two portions of the meet will be run simultaneously. Each team's help is needed in completing the volunteer tasks listed in the next section by the dates indicated in order to complete scheduling and organization for this meet.

2. A registration fee from each team of $12.50 per swimmer registered at the end of last season is due by April 15. This fee will be used to help pay for swimmer's awards as well as for the league’s insurance policy. Prompt payment is essential. Please send your team's check, payable to Herndon Swim League, to:
                Kerrie Wilson
                2026 Tamani Drive
                Herndon, VA 20170

3. All swimmers may enter no more than two events plus the individual medley if they meet the qualification time for that event or are senior swimmers. Senior swimmers do not have to meet a qualification time and may swim in two events plus the individual medley if they choose to do so. If a swimmer meets the cut-off time for any event they must enter the meet in that event, up to the maximum of two evens (plus the individual medley if qualified). It is possible a non-senior swimmer may swim one event in the Championship portion and their other event in the All-Star portion of the meet, depending on meeting of the appropriate cut-off time. An entry time of the best time swum in a meet by and including Saturday, July 13th must be used to enter all events. A "NT" (no time) entry or artificial time entry will not be allowed and be rejected. If for legitimate reasons a time cannot be established for a swimmer, a true estimate of that swimmer's time in that event must be used, preferably obtained from a time trial, practice swim or last-year time.

4. A list of the event names and numbers is listed under order of events listed above, they are the same as used for official individual single-stroke events during the regular dual meet season. These events will be swum in the order indicated. All swimmers to be entered by your team must be listed on a Hy-Tek data file, which will contain the name of the swimmer, event number, entry time (best time through July 13th) and a team abbreviation. A copy of the data file must be transmitted electronically to Kerstin Severn by 8:00 PM on Sunday, July 14th. The e-mail address is Please note that these dates are later than in past years, so everyone’s cooperation will be needed to allow proper seeding of the meet and printing of entry sheets so the program can be prepared. Any meets held on Wed., July 17th cannot be used for qualifying for the All-League Meets.

5. Any swimmer whose birthday is on or after July 14th (through July 20th) and would move into the next age group may swim in the age group they swam in during the season to that point. If a swimmer’s birthday is July 13th or before, the swimmer must move up to that older age group for this meet.

6. A swimmer may not pull out of an already scheduled event to swim a different stroke. If a legitimate mistake kept a swimmer from being entered in any event in the meet, such additions must be made by 8:00 PM, Wednesday, July 17th to Kerstin Severin. All other problems with entries must be presented as early as possible, and on the day of the meet must be presented for final resolution by the referee prior to the end of warm-ups.

7. Officials for the meet: If a child is scheduled to swim in this meet, at least one parent/guardian must work a portion of the meet. (See below for officials/volunteers requirements.) In order for the meet to run smoothly and quickly, you should select your most experienced officials. Major officials should wear their "officiating uniform", and all officials and volunteers must report between 7:15 AM and 7:30 AM on July 20th (or July 21st rain date) to the Officials Check-in/Scorer Table. All timers must bring their own digital watches. Assignment of officials for the meets will be done by separate correspondence.

8. There will be an assigned ten (10) minute warm-up period for each team per the schedule provided above. Please be prompt because the next team's warm-up time will start according to the schedule. Also included is a warm-up schedule for use during the break.

9. Be sure your swimmers and coaches are aware of their event numbers because only event NUMBERS, not event names, will be used for this meet. Events will be swum in the order found above.

10. All regular League Rules will apply for all events in these meets. Each swimmer must swim in the age group corresponding to his/her age on the day of the meet (except as noted in paragraph 5 above). Also, in order to establish qualification times, times in a yards pool may be converted to metric times by multiplying by 1.1. Times from non-Herndon Swim League 2019 summer meets may also be used. Unlike during the regular season, all swimmers must swim unassisted without a coach/teammate in the water ahead of them.

11. Parking will be available on a limited basis on the grass field at the Four Seasons Recreation Center. Only vehicles with issued parking permits (meet officials, coaches and team reps) will be allowed to park in the Four Seasons paved parking lot. Parking lot attendants will be assigned, everyone's cooperation is requested regarding concerning following their directions. Parking may also be available in surrounding neighborhood area, but please ensure you park legally. If you park in the townhouse areas you will be subject to immediate towing. Carpooling is encouraged.

12. Coaches and team representatives are responsible for the safety of their own teams. You are asked to remind your swimmers to remain orderly and stay away from the parking areas and nearby roads. Please stay in your assigned team area.

13. If inclement weather causes the meet to be stopped for safety reasons by the lifeguards or if before or during the meet inclement weather in the area may be a threat to conducting the meet, a meeting of all league Board members (or any designated delegates) will be held and a decision made by majority vote concerning whether the meet will continue or be stopped and whether the meet will be considered finished or will be continued at a later time. 

14. In order to raise additional funds to defray the expenses of these meets and build a treasury for next year's meets, a 50-50 raffle which includes many excellent door prizes will be held at the All-League Meets.

15. If you have any questions, please call Bill Liedtke (703-830-1898). We all look forward to Saturday, July 20th and an exciting, festive competition between all teams and swimmers of the Herndon Swim League.

Volunteers Needed  top

For each half of each meet:
2 Chief Judges
4 Stroke and Turn  
Chief Timer
Assistant Chief Timer
24 Timers
5 Head Clerks of Course 
2 Marshals
2 Scorer/Computer 
4 Ribbon Writers
Heat Ribbon Awarder
3 Runners
Results Poster
2 Program Sales  *
2 Raffle Sales

TOTALS:           56 First Half
                          54 Second Half 

ALSO:    Each team    -- 2 for meet set-up Friday evening - July 19th at 7:00 pm
                                    -- 2 for meet clean-up after the meets ** 

Important Notes

 * First Half Only

** This is required, in order to help the host team with overall meet clean-up.

Results  top

Each year, since 1993 the Herndon Swim League holds their annual All-League Meets at the end of the season.  This allows all participants to see how they compare with other swimmers at the end of a season of hard work and development.  The swimming competition features participants from all league swim teams.

Since there are so many swimmers involved a two tier system was developed in 1996 to make the meets more meaningful and give everyone a chance to participate.  Cut off times are established each year based on all the previous years results to determine which meet a swimmer is most competitive in.  This gives all children a chance to compete with swimmers of similar ability to encourage confidence.  Please see the rules for the All-League Meets for details of the cut-off time process.

To see the results of the past years meets please click on the respective link below.

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2002 Champs
2003 All Stars
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2004 All Stars
2004 Champs
2005 All Stars
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2007 All Stars
2007 Champs
2008 Combined
2009 Combined
2010 Combined
2011 Combined
2012 Combined
2013 Combined
2014 Combined
2015 Combined
2016 Combined
2017 Combined
2018 Combined (Note: Although the heading indicates 2017 - these are the 2018 results as indicated by the date on the form)

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