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2019 Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Herndon Swim League Code of Conduct is to establish standards of conduct that our swimmers, coaches, officials and parents are expected to uphold while participating in sanctioned swim meets of the Herndon Swim League.  It is a goal of the Herndon Swim League that these standards of conduct be incorporated into the daily management of the teams within the league. 

1.  No team personnel, competitor or spectator shall act in an unsportsmanlike manner.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

(a) Making insulting or derogatory remarks, gestures or acts, including taunting.
            (b) Trying to influence or showing disgust with officials' decisions.
            (c) Interfering with meet officials in the performance of their duties.
            (d) Using obscene language. 

2.  The use of tobacco products is not permitted within the pool deck area prior to, during or after meets or practices. 

3.  No team parent or official shall direct the modification of disqualification cards following the final approval by the meet referee.  (Rules for appealing are described within League Rules.)

4.  Competitors, coaches, and spectators shall not participate in after-meet celebrations which include:

(a) Running and shoving.
            (b) Throwing trash or other debris into the pool.
            (c) Pushing or shoving individuals into the pool.

 5.  Competitors shall maintain orderly conduct within the team area.  No running, pushing or shoving shall be permitted. 

6.  No team personnel/competitor shall enter the water without the referee's approval.  This includes pre-meet warm-ups and individual events. 

7.  No competitor shall intentionally contact or hold another competitor during the swimming of an event which results in impeding the progress of that competitor. 

8.  The reporting of a violation to these codes of conduct will be through the team representative to the meet referee.  If after receiving one warning, and the behavior continues, the individual(s) involved shall be requested to leave the premises. 

9.  If a team or individual has repeated offenses, the league board will be consulted for further actions, to include barring the offender from further participation in league activities. 

10.  In order to provide an environment that does not allow or condone physical or emotional abuse of, improper contact with, or endangerment of our participants or volunteers, if any suspected conduct of a volunteer or coach crosses into any of the above-mentioned areas such conduct must be reported to the Team Representative.

Please consult the Herndon Swim League Rules and United States Swimming rules for additional information.

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