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2019 Organizational Procedures and Guidelines

The name of this organization is the Herndon Swim League (“league? and it is a group of developmental swim teams (“members? generally operating and located in the greater Herndon geographic region of Northern Virginia.   This organization is not officially chartered under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 


The objectives of the League are as follows:
1.       To promote sportsmanship through friendly competition between amateur swimmers;
2.       To provide oversight and leadership to its members;
3.       To develop, monitor and enforce the rules of the league;
4.       To plan, organize and promote annual swim meets and other competitions;
5.       To provide for educational opportunities and support for the members, their swimmers and parents.


Members of the league are the individual developmental swim teams represented by the team representative.  Each member shall have equal representation and one vote shall be allowed per team.  The membership may vary from time to time as members may join or withdraw from the league.  If a swim team is seeking to join the league, the members must vote on the admission of the team.  A simple majority is required for admission and voting may occur by any generally acceptable method (in person, by fax, by electronic mail or by telephone).  Teams must be members prior to the completion of the meet schedule on an annual basis in order to participate in the upcoming season. 


The league shall be responsible for the following: 

1.       On an annual basis, it shall prepare an official meet schedule acceptable to the majority of the members of the league;
2.       Maintenance of the official records of the league; 
3.       Conduct season-end competitions among its members, as previously voted upon;
4.       Annual review and distribution of the Herndon Swim League Rules and Guidelines; 
5.       Public relations and promotion of the activities of the league;   
6.       Administration of special educational programs, scholarship programs and training for volunteer officials. 


The league shall have the following positions: 

1. Commissioner

2. Treasurer

3. Secretary


The following committees shall operate on a regular basis: 

1. Rules

2. Education

3. Schedule

4. Additional committees

All committees shall meet on a regular basis or as frequently as needed to conduct their business.


The league shall meet on a regular basis in order to conduct the business of the organization.  Generally, meetings shall be on a monthly basis and shall be open to all members of the participating teams. 

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