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2017 Herndon Olympics

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2010 Results
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2015 Results
2016 Results  
2017 Results

Records through 2016

Sponsorship Opportunities

Monday, July 10, 2017

Olympian Josh Davis will conduct an Olympic Swim Clinic at the Kingston Chase Pool on Monday, July 11, for a group of young Herndon Olympians. For more information contact Kerstin Severin 703-435-6800 x 2128 - SPACE IS LIMITED!

Josh Davis, Olympic gold medalist, and former world record-holder. Davis represented the United States at two consecutive Summer Olympics. Josh won 3 gold medals in 1996 Atlanta and 2 silver medals in Sydney in 2000 where he was team captain.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Scroll down for records and lots more information.

Please note: KCHOA families can use the pool at Hiddenbrook during the Olympics.


There will be swimmers from 9 teams participating....these are all swim teams that have been involved in the Herndon Olympics for more than 25 years. The teams are...Kingston Chase, Kingstream, Four Seasons, Hunters Creek, Herndon Community Center, Herndon Rec, Hiddenbrook, Fox Mill, and Reflections.

This meet will be the top swimmers in each age group and each event from each of the teams. It is a great day of competition and fun! There will be some awesome concessions available including food from California Tortilla. and Pizza as well as grilled burgers and hot dogs, smoothies and snow cones!

The meet is hosted by Kingston Chase and the Town of Herndon Parks and Rec in a combined effort!

Additional information will be provided here as it becomes available as well as notices and any last minute issues. Check here before you leave for the event!!!


Hiddenbrook Drive in front of the pool will be closed at 7:00am until approximately 7pm.  A VDOT permit has been obtained for this closure. 

Warm-ups will begin at 8am and the actual meet will start with a parade of teams promptly at 10am.

We expect that the meet will end sometime around 4 or 5pm and the road will reopen accordingly.

Pool Location:

    1623 Hiddenbrook Drive
    Herndon, VA 20170

    Pool phone:    (703) 787-4011


Parking will be an issue. Street parking will be the best alternative, but be prepared to walk a bit. There is a parking lot at Clearview Elementary at the corner of Hiddenbrook and Builders Road.


Coming from the North on Hiddenbrook (driving in a southerly direction) you will turn right onto Nureyev lane then left onto Sadlers Wells Drive then turn right onto Builders Road.

Coming from the South (driving in a northerly direction) you should turn left onto Sadlers Wells Drive then left on Nureyev Lane then left onto Hiddenbrook Drive although Sadlers Wells will eventually connect back into Hiddenbrook Drive.

Team Information

Please go to Team Representatives page for list of current team representatives. Please contact them for questions. Not the web site manager as I get my information from them and you should too....

Traffic, Parking and Road Information

A request has been approved by VDOT to close Hiddenbrook Drive in front of the pool. The team areas will be across the street in the grassy areas. Therefore Hiddenbrook drive will be closed at the corner of Nureyev in front of the tennis courts and there will be limited access from Builders Road. Drop off of items before 7am.

Parking will be along the street only. The parking area in front of the pool will be for concessions.

[Thanks to Fox Mill for the graphic at the top of the page and the records information which I borrowed from their web site. Also thanks to Google Maps, MapQuest and SnagIt!]

Records Through 2016

If you have documentation of any errors please contact Deke Smith -

Event # Event Time Year Swimmer - Team
1 8& U Boys
25M Free
16.67 2000  Pavel Bubuska- Kingston Chase
2 8&U Girls
25M Free
17.35 1995  Amy Betor- Pinecrest
3 9-10 Boys
50M Free
32.09 2016

 Noah Dyer - Hiddenbrook

4 9-10 Girls
50M Free
33.07 2004 Carolyn Rice - Herndon Rec.
5 11-12 Boys
50M Free
29.16 1997 Sam McCormally - Fox Mill
6 11-12 Girls
50M Free
29.99 1997 Katie Stewart - Hiddenbrook
7 13-14 Boys
50M Free
26.38 1999 Sam McCormally - Fox Mill
8 13-14 Girls
50M Free
28.44 1999 Mason Walsh - Herndon Rec.
9 15-18 Boys
50M Free
24.39 2006 Anthony Sofo - Fox Mill
10 15-18 Girls
50M Free
27.70 2003 Mason Walsh - Herndon Rec.
11 8&U Boys
25M Back
21.02 2000 Ken David - Fox Mill
12 8&U Girls
25M Back
21.29 2001 Sarah Kenis - Hunters Creek
13 9-10 Boys
50M Back
35.85 2009 Christian Ginieczki - Kingston Chase
14 9-10 Girls
50M Back
37.02 1994 Monica Kriso - Herndon Comm.
15 11-12 Boys
50M Back
32.59 2011 Christian Ginieczki - Kingston Chase
16 11-12 Girls
50M Back
33.81 1997 Erin Simpson - Hunters Creek
17 13-14 Boys
50M Back
29.74 2014 Christian Ginieczki - Kingston Chase
18 13-14 Girls
50M Back
32.08 1999 Rebekah Teague - Kingston Chase
19 15-18 Boys
50M Back
26.87 2016

Christian Ginieczki - Kingston Chase

20 15-18 Girls
50M Back
30.78 2000 Rebekah Teague - Kingston Chase
21 8&U Boys
25M Breast
22.09 1995 Evan Faulkner-Hayes - Pinecrest
22 8&U Girls
25M Breast
22.97 1985 Gina Ropollo - Pinecrest
23 9-10 Boys
50M Breast
40.90 1997 Evan Faulkner-Hayes - Pincrest
24 9-10 Girls
50M Breast
43.73 1993 Coco Buck - Hunters Creek
25 11-12 Boys
50M Breast
37.24 2013 Josh Zhang - Herndon Community Center.
26 11-12 Girls
50M Breast
36.63 1995 Coco Buck - Hunters Creek
27 13-14 Boys
50M Breast
33.61 2016 Aidan Deege - Hiddenbrook
28 13-14 Girls
50M Breast
35.34 1997 Coco Buck - Hunters Creek
29 15-18 Boys
50M Breast
31.07 1999 Michael Sihler- Pinecrest
30 15-18 Girls
50M Breast
33.66 2012 Jenna Van Camp - Kingston Chase
31 10&U Boys
25M Fly
15.53 2009 Christian Ginieczki - Kingston Chase
32 10&U Girls
25M Fly
16.31 1994 Monica Kriso - Herndon Rec.
33 11-12 Boys
50M Fly
31.35 2011 Christian Ginieczki - Kingston Chase
34 11-12 Girls
50M Fly
32.16 1995 Cynthia Roller - Reflection Woods
35 13-14 Boys
50M Fly
28.87 1992 Sean Dorsey - Hiddenbrook
36 13-14 Girls
50M Fly
31.03 1997 Cynthia Roller - Reflection Woods
37 15-18 Boys
50M Fly
26.12 2016 Christian Ginieczki - Kingston Chase
38 15-18 Girls
50M Fly
29.15 1998 Cynthia Roller - Reflection Woods
39 8&U Boys
100M Free Relay
1:22.04 2009

H. Burley, H. McNulty, D. McKibbib, K. Connell - Kingston Chase

40 8&U Girls
100M Free Relay
1:21.67 2009

G. Goodiel, H. Knudson, E. Bohnet, E. Hernandez - Fox Mill

41 9-10 Boys
100M Medley Relay
1:18.35 2010

A.Liu, J. Guill, J.Zhang, J.Zhang - Herndon Community Center

42 9-10 Girls
100M Medley Relay
1:18.56 2010

M. Carney, G. Goodiel, L. Katsaros, C. Diederich - Fox Mill

43 11-12 Boys
100M Medley Relay
1:07.16 2008

A. Greene, D. McNulty, C. Ginieczki, D. Urban - Kingston Chase

44 11-12 Girls
100M Medley Relay
1:09.73 2012

G. Cuttrell, M.Calhoun, S. Caldwell, C. Cecil - Hunters Creek

45 13-14 Boys
100M Medley Relay
57.77 2016

L. Dennis, A. Deege, B. Merola, C. McLaughlin - Hiddenbrook

46 13-14 Girls
100M Medley Relay
1:04.44 2010

K. Ginieczi, R. Murphy, E. McNulty, K. Seeger - Kingston Chase

47 15-18 Boys
200M Medley Relay
1:54.27 2016

A. Greene, D. McNulty, C. Ginieczki, D. Urban - Kingston Chase

48 15-18 Girls
200M Medley Relay
2:09.35 2012

K.Ginieczki, J. Van Camp, E. McNulty, R. Murphy - Kingston Case

49 Mixed Age Boys
200M Free Relay
1:59.01 2016

J. Cuppernull, N. Dyer, A. Deege, J Dyer - Hiddenbrook

50 Mixed Age Girls
200M Free Relay
2:09.55 2009 L. Ferraro, H. Roesch , C. Rice, R. Rice,- Fox Mill

Sponsorship Opportunities

For more information on sponsorship opportunities click here

The Kingston Chase Swim Team and the Town of Herndon Parks and Recreation Department are hosting the 2014 Herndon Olympics on July 8, 2014.  The Herndon Olympics is an opportunity for competitive swimmers in different leagues to compete against each other and have a wonderful experience.  We are soliciting corporate sponsorship to help supplement the expenses of conducting this meet.  In addition to the Herndon Olympics Meet, we also have the opportunity to allow our swimmers to participate in a motivational (both in and out of the water)  swim clinic with former Olympic swimmers, Josh Davis and David Walters.  Your sponsorship dollars will help us make this swim clinic a reality for many local swimmers. 

In the spirit of community involvement, I would like to invite you to help sponsor the 2014 Herndon Olympics Swim Meet and Olympic Swim Clinic for the young swimmers in our community.  There are many levels of sponsorship which would help with the success of the meet.  The levels are as follows:

PLATINUM Sponsorship:      $1,000.00
GOLD Sponsorship:                 $   500.00
SILVER Sponsorship:               $   300.00
Bronze Sponsorship:                 $   200.00
Full page Advertisement:           $   150.00
Half page Advertisement:          $     75.00
Quarter page Advertisement:    $     50.00
Event sponsorship:                    $     25.00 

This is an excellent opportunity for your business to become better known and appreciated in the Northern Virginia and community.  In return for sponsorship of the meet, we would be pleased to include your business in the program, allow placement of a corporate banner at the meet, or do anything else that would be mutually agreeable to both parties.  We truly look forward to having you as a sponsor and establishing a relationship with your organization.

All levels of sponsorship need to be completed by July 1st  in order to be included in meet program.  Checks should be made payable to Kingston Chase Swim Team and mailed to:

                Herndon Olympics
                C/O Kelly Ginieczki
                Sponsorship Chairperson
                12621 Builders Road
                Herndon, VA 20170

Any questions can be directed to Kelly Ginieczki at 703-507-9382 or  Thank you for your help and support.

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